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A little over a month ago, I visited a new therapist. Tired of the usual routine and the growing sense that my life was as worn as an old worn groove on a vinyl record, I decided to explore the rut that had been unfolding over the last three years.  To cut a long story short, my therapist asked me the usual relationship screening questions. When I shook my head in the negative, she then asked me how long it had been since my last intimate encounter. As awkward as four years can be, I blurted out the number four and waited for her eyes to widen. Hence, this blog is about taking the time to focus on the fun, sensual and sexual in addition to my own introspection.

Dirty | Sexy | Pretty | Fun takes a stylish approach to the…aforementioned. Sex, relationships, fashion…media…fun. I hope you enjoy this blog.

- Dee Stern.

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