DNA Tests for Perfect Partners

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We have cosmetic surgery, airbrushing via Photoshop and the usual array of temporary cosmetic enhancements, possibly to land the ideal partner. We stop short of being eugenic but weren’t we always eugenic since ancient times?
Now there is DNA matching, based on DNA tests to augment dating profiles and – due to the pricey memberships – encourage authenticity. Genetic testing companies are now entering the profitable dating game to match couples based on their DNA. It’s all about the ideal biological match.
Scientificmatch.com is one of the first to use DNA and may possibly work in conjunction with a Swiss company called GenePartner that works with matchmaking agencies and dating sites. GenePartner DNA tests are less than a hundred dollars.
On joining Scientificmatch.com, members receive a welcome kit that contains a swab for cheek DNA samples. The member takes a swab, mails the sample to the lab. They then create their profile, upload photographs and take a personal values test. The site also conducts a background check.

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