To Squirt or Not to Squirt…

Plugging in the word ’squirt’ on Google and you’ll be drawn to – if you’re not male- articles that direct you to the phenomenon of female squirting…or technically known as female ejaculation. Now the annoying aspect about this phenomenon is that a) there are women who don’t squirt and b) women who do and (some, not all) like to rub it in everyone’s face (no sexual pun intended). Then there are male oriented sites that equate squirting/female ejaculation with orgasm and they make me want to scream ‘Stop right there!’

To be short and to the point and offer a quickie summation: squirting is often associated with the G-Spot or the ‘G-Spot orgasm,’ and is apparently proportional to the amount of Skene’s glands and each women won’t have the same distribution of Skene’s glands. All over the web, there are blogs and various sexual advice sites that tend to feature squirters and some sites, like AskMen link squirting with orgasm or the intensity of orgasm with squirting which is fallacious, wrong…and…well…WRONG.

Women can orgasm and not ejaculate. There are many medical professionals who are still skeptical about female ejaculation and this is related to the lack of research. Blogs aren’t research. Personal accounts on blogs aren’t research and despite what is popular in porn, professional researchers (in the fields of urology or gynecology) aren’t easily persuaded. What does this mean? It means more research is required.

On the web, the subject of squirting vs non-squirting or the ‘freakish aspect of squirting’ has garnered some heated discussion. Personally, I can see the humor. Well from my end I can laugh with the column in Toy With Me because I’ve experienced quite tawdry and tedious attempts to squirt with partners to focus on my orgasm instead. Apparently it’s impolite to express an opinion that differs from the virtual norm. It would be interesting to conduct extensive research – no surveys (they tend to be biased) – to find out the proportion of squirters and non-squirters. Call my a tetchy little cynic, but I suspect that there are those who prefer to be squirters for the sake of belonging in a trendy group. What does that mean for the (seemingly) smaller proportion of non-squirters?

Are we abnormal?

Twenty years ago, it didn’t matter if we squirted or not, just as long as we enjoyed sex. But it seems that one needs to belong in one of two groups.

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4 Responses to “To Squirt or Not to Squirt…”

  1. Don says:

    The book _Eve’s Secrets: A New Theory of Female Sexuality_ by Josephine Lowndes Sevely fully explains the science behind female ejaculation.

  2. toywithme says:

    Great post and it’s nice to see someone still has a sense of humor. Thanks for the mention :)

  3. Chris says:

    Interesting article. I’m in my 40s and in that time I’ve only ever encountered one woman in all that time that actually “squirts”. There were “gushers” and some that just became incredibly wet when they orgasmed. I’ve had at least two that said they did “squirt” but were too ashamed to “let it go” when have sex with another person. In my current experience, it is indeed a fact that “squirting” and orgasm does not go hand in hand.

  4. Dee Stern says:

    Hello Don,
    Seems like an interesting book.

    Thank you for visiting and *fingers crossed* hopefully it doesn’t step on some toes (lol). I never thought a topic could be so controversial. BTW I’m glad for the controversy, otherwise I would not have found your site as fast.

    The ongoing mystery of the female orgasm I guess. But it’s a true observation. The male orgasm is just as complex. There seems to be an association between social expectations among women or female children growing up and our sexual performance/letting go and that may translate to how comfortable some women feel about being relaxed enough to climax.

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