Housey Sex

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I’ve never been a fan of housework but a new study indicates that I…maybe…ought to be (?). 7000 couples attest to ordinary domestic labor, as well as official labor, causing no significant interruptions on sexual frequency. In fact, sex researchers have found that -among 7000 couples- housework can enhance sexual frequency. Scary, no?

We further speculate that even if women and men adjust their schedules to prioritize having sex, these adjustments do not involve reducing housework or their labor force commitments. In sum, the much lamented speedup of everyday life and resulting time crunch does not appear to have adverse effects on sexual frequency among our sample of married couples.


It kind of reminds me of the lack of housework porn. Sure, there are naughty maids – who find time for some deliciously naughty sessions – but that would be about it. In my personal life, I can’t recall housework adding a sexual dimension into my intimate life. I haven’t considered it. Which female truly does? Depending on background, housework can be considered as an energy drain. Most surveys obsess about the proportion of housework divided between couples, often associating unequal division to males.  It’s always about men shirking domestic responsibilities. I hate to admit it, but am, but I’ve shirked lots of domestic tasks and have – in the past- have had male room mates take the load. I hate ironing, vacuuming, basically any activity that takes up enough time to make me feel like my brain is stuck in a monotonous groove of…domesticity.

On a positive note, this research is, indeed positive but, it doesn’t -as the researchers themselves acknowledge – investigate the pleasure aspect.

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