Men Think About Sex All Day

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I’ve always suspected it to be true: Men think about sex….plenty of times. In fact, one new study clocks the thoughts at say…thirteen times a day. It would be also interesting to know how many times women think about sex, particularly in relation to their menstrual cycles. We probably don’t think about it that much during the peak PMS hormonal flood.

A representative for market research firm, which quizzed 3,000 people, said, “Men are well known for thinking about sex a lot but to find out exactly how often they do is staggering. … It seems blokes have sex on the brain whether they are going through a dry spell or jumping between the sheets on a regular basis.” (source)

If I have to be truthful about the times I think about sex, then I have the plot to a conventional horror plot involving average/ordinary life and the fact that I haven’t met anyone who really, and I mean really stokes my embers outside of the odd Christmas party. Christmas blowjobs aside, I don’t even think about sex five times a day and I have to point out that after watching my share of romantic films and read romantic novels (throughout adolescence), that I’ve habituated to it all.

The habituation reminds me of the time when I was a young girl and my parents brought home a new kitchen appliance – the electric sandwich maker. I took advantage of the new gadget and discovered how to melt cheese. My god, I thought it was the best thing, no joke, since slice bread. The cheese in particular was Edam cheese and I vomited it up after a few, well quite a few, sandwiches (it was the easiest way for me, an eight year old, to melt the cheese).

Today, I can’t even handle the smell of Edam cheese and quite a few years have passed, but I can’t bring myself to eat it. The same goes for romance novels.

When do you think about sex?

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2 Responses to “Men Think About Sex All Day”

  1. Tracie says:

    I am vicious the week before my period. During my period, and I can probably say I’m close to the 13 times a day, but that is only for a short time interval. Then it’s back to normal. Three to four times a day.

  2. 24YrOldGirl says:

    I think about sex a lot during the day, probably once every couple of hours, depending on what I’m doing. If I’m lazing around at home, it could be more frequent ;)

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