ASL Part 6

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Back at home, I sat cross legged on my bed and stared at the laptop screen. There is a towel between my skin and the bed, and after much deliberation, I untuck the towel, let it fall and reveal my tits and waist to the web cam. I tap the mouse pad twice. I repeat the process three times, after which I sort and upload the images to my adult dating profile.
A few minutes after the upload, the first avalanche arrived. All wanted more from me:
“Let’s chat on IM to get to know each other.”
“Let me eat you sweetheart. I’m fantastic.”
“Those nipples look tasty.”
From some place inside my brain, I tumbled forth and pinched my left nipple. Legs spread, right hand tentatively resting against my pussy, I watched my chest rise and fall and my nipples harden. I wanted to chat, but the need to play with myself overrode conversation.
I click one of my chat notifications and activate my web camera. On the screen, I typed:
“I need a little action.”
The man on the other side typed. “Wow…nice!”
With my ass in the air, I reached for my top bedside drawer and fumbled around until my hand rested on the familiar shaft of my vibrator. I returned, careful to keep my head out of the shot, and sit in front of the camera. Careful to position myself correctly, I opened my legs and pointedly caressed the area around my clit.
My chat buddy typed. “I want to reach out and suck your clit.”
I moaned and dipped the tip of the vibrator into my pussy. His script – and virtual desire – scrolled on the screen….
“Fuck that pussy…put it in deeper…harder…”
I stopped and quickly typed. “That…can…be your cock.”
The desire to make this stranger explode in his pants fuelled my hand. With a tightened grip, I rammed the vibrator harder, twisted and turned and slide out, to repeat the gesture. My hips flowed with the motion. I briefly stopped, with the vibrator deep within.
“It’s all the way inside,” I typed, feeling dirtier than ever. “I’d like to have two cocks…one in my pussy and the other in my ass.” There went my secret fantasy. Even Paul didn’t know about that one.
“Fuck…I’ve already come. I couldn’t wait,” my virtual fuck said.
Nice, I think and clicked him off. Fuck that…Instead, I focused on my experience, pulled the shaft out and pressed the whirring cock against my engorged clit. The orgasm instantly exploded within me. An electric surge blasted my pleasure centres and my groin buzzed from the extra blood flow.
I repeatedly talked to myself as I came, “Yes…fuck it…fuck it hard…”
Then I swallowed and gazed at the flickering screen, thinking that I needed to make something happen, take myself over an edge and challenge myself sexually.
I’d heard the saying, ‘things come in threes.’ I’d already had my second stranger-fuck, albeit online. Now I needed more.
My husband Paul had been the third man. The two men before him were polite and hardworking, but there was no romantic spark. Paul arrived and changed all that. A mutual friend introduced us during a group outing in the West End to see Hair – The Musical. Perhaps the theme of the swinging Sixties, the nudity and the sad ending clinched the deal. Paul and I began dating. Sex flowered in our second month, and I counted my blessings. Three years later, we married. Now, I wonder why we waited three years. We’d done all we could in three years. This ‘until death’ thing didn’t have any aphrodisiac qualities.
To test the theory, I slid the laptop under the bed and waited for Paul. With the vibrator nearby, I waited until the door clicked shut after 1 AM and called him into the room.

(2 B cont’d)

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