When Religion and Sex PR Goes Bad

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St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican Church in New Zealand had to take down this billboard, which I have to admit is quite apt for Easter. Its controversy lies within the -heaven forbid-sexual insinuation, that of Mary and Joseph actually having a sex life and how God, a non-tangible ‘being’, is sexually superior.

I’m not the best person to evaluate this, people who have completed science degrees seldom are, but I don’t know what’s worse, the notion of sexual superiority and humiliation that the poster implies by transforming Joseph into a sexual failure or the fantasy of procreation without sexual activity, through an act of magic – which really is absurd in the 21st century.

It’s no fun to ridicule beliefs, but this poster was actually on a church to praise a god for being better in bed than Joseph, and received negative feedback. It’s not the best way to go about promotion a particular religion.

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