Kate Moss’s Nude Shots & Pubic Landing Strip

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When I think of Kate Moss or see her in a variety of magazine spreads, I’m reminded of the song by The Verve and then I change the song around. Instead of the Drugs Don’t Work, it’s obvious that in Kate’s situation, the drugs do work and while I’m in no way condoning drug use, it seems as though Kate’s career has gone from strength to strength after her cocaine Kate label and ‘bust’.

I don’t want to use the word sexy and model together. I realise that there is a lot of airbrushing happening, especially with Kate’s cigarette habit, but still,these images just make me want to book a tropical holiday, have that hot and torrid holiday fuck-fling and…well…be Kate Moss for a day.

Bitch! :P

Actually I”m pleased that Kate has pubic hair. Enough of the bald look and the wusses who cry over a stray pube!

Images: Mario Sorrenti

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