The Mental GaGa Orgasm

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I usually start of being enthralled by celebrities, especially new ‘avant-garde’ celebrities that seem to have a finger on the pulse of innovation, but when they start opening their mouths, saying contrived things, I think…wait, no, I roll my eyes and think, ‘oh lord, here we go again.’

You always come across interviews by writers who gush over their interview subjects, and this week’s interview with Lady Ga Ga in New York Magazine is one of those interviews, regaling GaGa as though she is the next messiah. The interview isn’t anything new, by way of format. It’s the prelude, something along the lines of, “I expected someone so flamboyant to be so over the top and unapproachable, for them to be soooooooo refreshing,’ you know, something like that, but it surprised me. It’s not so much an interview, but article and I couldn’t  help but sniff out cynicism within the piece. It’s very discreet, but it’s there.

What the piece perfectly sums up is the manufactured elements of pop, and it has always been that way, except now, people have habituated so much to previous pop idols, that they want something completely different to the Madonna of the 80s,90s or early Noughties. The idea of being the ‘first’ to come up with an idea is more romance than anything else. Madonna even realizes the limitations of image and has done for the last few years because she is branching out into other areas such as writing children’s books, designing a clothes line called Material Girl with her daughter Lourdes and not being so concerned about touring so much. Madonna doesn’t have to make new strides, because she has already done so and she will always be an influence on artists like Lady GaGa. I guess that is the bitch about being really young, or half Madonna’s age; GaGa will always be in Madonna’s shadow however I do recall Madonna’s early interviews, and they are distinctly different. Lady GaGa’s initial interviews didn’t begin on a superficial note, like Madonna’s, but some of the things she has been quoted to say lately are a little frou-frou and quite surprising, like her quote about having mental orgasms.

“I remember the first time that I drank out of an imaginary coffee cup. That’s the very first thing they teach you at drama college. I can feel the rain, too, when it’s not raining.

“I don’t know if this is too much, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful.” [source]

What? I don’t think, I know that she needs elementary lessons in Cognition, that way she’ll learn that what she is discussing isn’t really ’sense memory’. There is no term such as sense memory. I do get and admire creativity. I get pop stars, but (unfortunately) an intellectual and a pop star are mutually exclusive concepts.

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