Getting to the Kink of the Matter

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With sex, there are few things out there that actually tickle the brain in the same sense of brain teasers, but I found something that made me smile with wonder, only because it is something that makes one think and it inspired the title of this blog post.

Well, similar problems present themselves with “kink” then don’t they? It’s not that there’s no such thing, any more than there’s no such thing as “gourmet.” It’s that if French onion soup mix can be gourmet and wearing a camisole as a top can be kinky then there’s virtually no such thing that can’t be “gourmet” or “kink!”

And in the case of “kink,” the intense self-restraint that must be imposed in order to avoid any hint of “kinkiness” at all is restrictive enough to constitute a kink in its own right!  [Figleaf's Real Adult Sex]

How long before kink goes mainstream?

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