How Much is Too Much?

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Relationships can be tough…not to mention deceptive. The deception may lie in our genes or hormones. Ensconced in a relationship, we undergo the usual phases (including the honeymoon period) and the concept of ‘what’s yours is mine’ becomes a reality.

The sought after identity of the Belle du Jour sex blog which inspired the TV series ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl,’ has now been revealed. Belle du Jour is a British researcher named Brooke Magnanti and the reason behind the revelation is quite ordinary: she was afraid her ex-boyfriend would spill the beans. According to Associated Press:

Brooke Magnanti was quoted by the Sunday Times as saying she decided to reveal her secret because she was afraid an ex-boyfriend would expose her.

Magnanti, 34, is a child health researcher at the University of Bristol in western England. She told the newspaper she turned to the sex trade in 2003 while finishing her PhD and worked as an escort for more than a year.

She blogged about the experience in the guise of Belle de Jour, a legal secretary who moonlights as a sex worker.

The blog formed the basis of three books and the British TV series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, shown on Showtime in the United States.

It raises the issue of how much to reveal to boyfriends. Boyfriends can become husbands…and relationships break up. It’s not necessarily about the erosion of trust but in a highly consumptive world where money replaces the most common aphrodisiacs, it is the biggest incentive for ex-partners to spill the beans.

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