Kardashian: Sexy or Cruel?

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This is in my dirty (eek!) pile of things but I’m always surprised at the biases that celebrities display and by biases, I mean logical fallacies. In this image, Kim Kardashian thinks she is ’sexy’ but to others, including PETA, this image has a cruel undertone. When vets scruff felines, they don’t hold them up at this height and when queens hold their kittens by the scruff, the kittens are usually smaller than the one in this image. A kitten the size of this one with Kim should have its weight supported at the bottom…

Maybe Kim doesn’t want to ruin her manicure.

Either way, it’s not my idea of a sexy image and, like most social media, now that this image is out there, there is little that can be done for Kim to eradicate it from the public conscious.

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One Response to “Kardashian: Sexy or Cruel?”

  1. Michael B says:

    If she held the kitten normally it would have been concealing her breast and Kim didn’t want that! LOL, what a clown she is.

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