Bad Sex Anyone?

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I think that bad sex is more acceptable in literary form. It seems that authors don’t seem to mind receiving bad sex awards in literature.

The latest award issued by the Literary Review went to Jonathan Littell. Littell is the author of The Kindly Ones. The tome/ novel sold 1 million copies in Europe.

The bad sex excerpt begins…

Her vulva was opposite my face. The small lips protruded slightly from the pale, domed flesh. This sex was watching at me, spying on me, like a Gorgon’s head, like a motionless Cyclops whose single eye never blinks.

It does have the cringe-factor doesn’ t it? The above makes me wonder why he couldn’t decide between the Cyclops or the Gorgon. I don’t know if Cyclops is appropriate as the creature is attribute to a singular eye. I would have thought that the Cyclops reference would be more appropriate for a penis.

Read the rest of the Littell extract here.

Image: David Lynch

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