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The ability to download porn onto your iPhone has always been around but the same cannot be said for having a valid porn app. Now that has been changed.

As of the 1st December this year, the Sex App Shop (TM) store has been launched. The iPhone app is freely available for download at the official app web site. Owned by Las Vegas magician, Maria Gara, the store delivers the adult app without an iTunes invoice.

According to the media release:

“We wanted to create a store for all the iPhone users out there who have been looking
for a secure, fast and legal way to view real adult content without jail-breaking or hacking
their devices,” said Maria Gara, ‘The SnakeBabe’ and owner of Premier App Shop LLC.
“Our apps are delivered over the air instantly without requiring an iTunes transaction.”

The Sex App ShopTM has partnerships with major studios, labels and distributors of adult
content. Featured models include Penthouse Pets and stars seen in Playboy, Vivid,
VCA, Wicked Pictures and New Sensation. Apps currently available from the Sex App
ShopTM are 99 cents. Alternatively, a yearly membership is available for $99, giving
users instant access to a library of more than 10,000 images for free. New apps are
constantly added and the store’s library of content is growing daily.

So far so good. There is also a feature that hides your app if you’re, lets say, rudely interrupted. It would be interesting to see how this works but I don’t own an iPhone. If you do and you have added this app to your iPhone, please feel free to leave a comment under this post with your verdict.

Image: Sex App Store

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