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It doesn’ t matter where the statistics appear, sex in public is quite popular. The increased risk in being discovered having sex adds to the excitement for some people. While I haven’t personally had sex in public, scrap that, I haven’t been caught or had a fighting chance of being caught, I can’t say that I crave displaying my sexual skills in public.

In Canada and in time for Valentine’s Day, one restaurant is going all out to encourage sex. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is actually inviting couples to have sex in its bathrooms.

The Valentine’s weekend promotion takes uncomfortable but electrifying sex from the close confines of an airplane and transfers it to the unisex stalls of the Hanna Ave. restaurant.

The Liberty Village restaurant proposes its modern bathrooms become one of the “101 places to have sex before you die.”

I’m not sure if a restaurant bathroom is one place that I’d choose for sex or add to my ‘bucket list’ of sexual to-dos, but if people are considering sex in a restaurant bathroom, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Don’t order dishes that contain garlic.
  2. Don’t over eat.
  3. Apply the same rule you apply with swimming: swim one hour after eating. You don’t want a possible cramp in a restaurant bathroom.
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