The Truth About Brad’s Scraggly Beard

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Finally, the truth about Brad Pitt’s horrible facial hair can be revealed.

It’s all for a role. Apparently Brad will be playing Percy Harrison Fawcett, an explorer who went missing in the Amazon in 1925. I know it’s not particularly fair to label this blog post as ‘bizarre’ but the beard, and it’s two curly sections have been bugging me for quite a while -ever since he grew it.

I’ve never been a fan of male facial hair. Ever since I was a late teenager, I’ve found it curious. Especially full beards. Although George Michael made ‘designer stubble’ fashionable, I’ve never been fond of the friction burns after make out sessions. It would be interesting to research the history of male facial hair…and women’s preferences over the centuries.

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2 Responses to “The Truth About Brad’s Scraggly Beard”

  1. Joanna Cake says:

    I much prefer Ruf with a shaved head and facial stubble.  However, you are right about the friction burns and I do have to suffer for my pleasure.  When we were together for most of the two weeks over Xmas and New Year, I think I lost most of the epidermis on the tip of my nose and my chin :) Brad’s beard looks vile however!

  2. Dee Stern says:

    Hi Joanna, thanks for visiting my blog. That’s the thing with the friction burns. I’ve never found anything that is really effective (or instant). The good thing is that it’s probably like exfoliation.
    I totally agree. Brad’s beard is eekie :) Those little bits at the bottom….(Just now, I had a picture of them running over bare flesh and shivered)

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