Badgirls in 3D

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The AVN/AEE Expo is being covered at Carnal Nation, with a variety of blog posts. One thing that did catch my eye though, appeared on a different website and it may put film director, James Cameron’s nose out of joint.

3D Sex.

3D filming has been around every since the original House of Wax was filmed in 3D, however porn is now entering the 3D realm and my question is the following: Will adults simply expect so much more than Avatar? You know, the big film about horrible ‘white people’ who illegally occupy a foreign planet, who treat native inhabitants like crap, you know the story. And didn’t that supposed ‘mating’ scene in Avatar really suck? What was that? They mated by…mouth? How do you mate with your pants on? Astounding visuals aside, Avatar’s script was written to the standard formula and won’t win any Oscars for original script.

3D porn will – to James Cameron’s probable wrath – be a reality:

BadGirls in 3D, an exhibitor at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, is so early with its adoption of 3D that it is selling a $US3999 ($4320) kit that includes a Mitsubishi 60-inch 3DTV, two pairs of 3D glasses and a tiny PC that is used to stream the 3D films from the web.

Several hours of porn are shot using 3D cameras and uploaded to the site every week. It can be accessed for $US19.95 a month.

Producer Lance Johnson said in an interview he would start selling stand-alone 3D porn discs later this year once 3D TVs start to hit the market.

It is no surprise. Sure, some would like to think Cameron a genius, but porn has been a driving force in technology. Look at what it has done to the internet?

According to Badgirlsin3D’s press release:

The 3D market is expected to be worth tens of billions in the next couple of years. LG Electronics recently announced it plans to sell 400,000 3D TVs in 2010 and 3.4 million in 2011 and Sony is targeting revenue from 3D related products of more than US $11.3 billion in its fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. A recent report entitled 3DTV Market Analysis: Transition From Cinema to Living Room suggests that in just four years there will be 46 million 3D TVs in existence.

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