Beckham’s Golden Balls

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I don’t speak Italian but the footage below shows an Italian reporter making a grab for David Beckham’s testicles then saying something in Italian that had me rewind this clip numerous times and phone a friend (and this isn’t Who Wants to be a -freaking- Millionaire!), to be basically told that his appendage didn’t match the size represented by the Armani campaigns (I’m being polite). I did manage to find an English article.

Whose fault is it? What is his wife, Victoria, doing when she shouts about his ‘goldenballs’ to the world? On a more serious note, there are many things wrong with this behavior just as there are issues with Italian television, and after I saw Fellini’s version of The Decameron, among other films and television shows that don’t really have a point other than to be controversial. Where is the substance?

Instead of answering that question, I’ll point out that this type of prank is similar to Channel 4’s Balls of Steel. Whether any comedian from that show would dare grope Beckham is another question. Maybe the Bunny Boiler would have a go. Either way, the Italian journalist’s actions can be considered a sexual assault. Basic common law considers such acts as molestation. If a man were to do the same thing to a woman or a minor, such an act would be considered a sexual assault and the same would apply in reverse. This act also confirms another thing: that celebrities aren’t the same as the rest of us. No. They have to fork out a significant chunk of their income to pay for personal security – for obvious reasons.

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