‘Kick Ass’ Crap

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Remember when you were 12? The range of films showing cussing, psychotic 12 year olds was limited to the gory horror stories that featured demonic children like the Omen but even Damien didn’t swear. Kiss Ass is the latest film starring Nicholas Cage as a ‘hero’ called Big Daddy and father to a lethal psycho kid nicknamed ‘Hit Girl’ probably reflects the need for him to recoup the millions he lost during the GFC.

The actress, Chloe Moretz, who plays Hit Girl actually does a good job of chaneling Punky Brewster. Yes, she’s goddamn annoying. If that was me, telling my dad, “I’m just fucking with you dad,” at 12, I’d be grounded for quite some time.

In this film, his 12 year old daughter utters the word ‘cunt’ and this has upset some family groups. Personally, I think the swear words aren’t the issue. The violence associated with the character of Hit Girl raises more red flags. For example, Hit Girl shoots bad dudes in the head. In one of the trailers she shoots one plainly through the cheek, without flinching. In some scientific circles, this would be considered anti-social and Hit Girl would be teetering on psychopathy. Sure, action films are fun to watch. If she merely used a few martial arts moves, then it would be fun in the way the films Spy Kids were fun, but some of the kill scenes with Hit Girl are a little over the top for my liking.

The trailer on the actual site doesn’t contain the swearing psycho 12 year old Hit Girl, but ‘Kick Ass’. So I’m wondering what this film is about. Is it about the slightly unbalanced father-daughter relationship or debasement of the super hero genre? I mean, if a 12 year old girl becomes an assassin, what goes into her childhood to make her that? Wouldn’t you have attachment issues early on? This film proves how idiotic Hollywood film producers actually are as they don’t read any childhood studies on conduct disorder and antisocial behavior disorders that actually lead to things like school massacres.

What about Nicholas Cage’s forway into B-grade action? What is it with that? This actor has gone from critically acclaimed films like Leaving Las Vegas, to being  a ridiculous geriatric super hero and I guess this indicates the inferior quality of Hollywood action films. Compare the film Leon/The Professional with Kick Ass. I think it’s a poor film choice for Cage. A poor film choice for any mature actor, actually.

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One Response to “‘Kick Ass’ Crap”

  1. Magda says:

    This is the cuss filled trailer. It’s a little bit too much. I too would have thought Cage had more taste.

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