‘The Ubiquity of Shaving (Pubic Hair)’ – Midweek Links

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It’s Wednesday, mid-week hump time and as far as adult reads on the web are concerned, there are interesting discussions doing the rounds.

First on my list is one titled, ‘On the Ubiquity of Shaving’ in Greta Christina’s Blog. It’s about the social trend of public grooming and encompasses other aspects of modern sexuality, including the fantastical assumption of spontaneous sex and its supposed sexual superiority. I can think of many sexual disasters that I’ve experienced in the heat of spontaneity, but this isn’t the time.

If you, like me, are lazy podcast listeners, then a summarized list is the answer. Susie Bright has listed her favorite Audible interviews.

The AVN expo introduced enthusiasts to sex bots like Roxxxy and media outlets, blogs included, reacted in different ways. This blog post on Tiny Nibbles (Violet Blue) would have to be one of the better blog posts about Roxxxy.

Finally, in the realm of sex accessories…toys, Tenga Eggs (pictured)are the happening thing. Looking at the imagery, I almost mistook them for real eggs. Well the packaging is almost identical to the free range eggs at the market. They may look complicated but have no fear, notcot.com has the answers. Tenga Eggs are distributed by Liberator.

Image: via notcot.com

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