‘Seal it with a Kiss’ – Midweek links

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It’s time for another mid-week look at the erotic web.

  • The first kiss is probably one of the most exciting developments in any relationship. I just wish there were more guides like this around when I was practically peeing my panties from nerves. Seal it with a Kiss is written by Violet Blue. The book, a mere baby after three weeks, has scored its first translation rights. Congratulations to Violet. Read the index summary and excerpt here.
  • As for my first kiss? Well…that happened so long ago, it’s not that I don’t remember, it’s just that the kisses that followed were better. Each kiss is better than the first. Like everything, kissing gets better with practice. As for me, I’m more a book person. I’ve never been one for instructional DVDs, but if you are, there are video guides to French kissing as well.
  • For the virtual sex enthusiasts, do it in Bonetown – a Grand Theft Auto-esque game.
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