Revenge on the Corner of 52nd & Broadway

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It could very well be a musical but as far as revenge goes, in the technological age we live in, the usual saying about revenge being best served cold may be a thing of the past. There are websites about ex-girlfriends, with images that usually involve sex acts but one woman has taken revenge out to the public.

According to the New York Post, the lover of tech giant and Obama adviser Charles E Phillips, exacted revenge by spending up to US $50,000 per billboard poster. My question: is any person worth that much for revenge?

YaVaughnie Wilkins had had enough. It’s the same old story that has become a part of common urban married-male folklore. At the beginning of their relationship,  tells her that he is separating from his wife. Two years later, he tells her that  the divorce is done. He moves in with YaVaughnie. She thinks they’re involved in a normal live-in and monogamous relationship – as one would. Then the bombshell hits. After eight and a half years…he is still married.

Thus, the billboards are there to outline the significance of the relationship and highlight the fact that it wasn’t a secret and lurid affair. I know, it’s not a sexual revenge story, but to spend that much on billboards? Wouldn’t a kick in the balls suffice?

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