This Valentine’s Day Give Yoni/Vagina Art

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Artists. Where would the world be without them? They bring another dimension to just about everything and also offer a different insight. Take the simple subject of the vagina. Every woman is different and many certainly have mixed feelings about the appearance of their vulva and I’m not talking about pubic hair style, I’m referring to the actual bits: labia minora, labia majora, clitoris and vaginal opening.

Much is made about vaginal cosmetic surgery and while I think it’s a valid option for women who do experience post childbirth issues like a prolapsed vagina or bladder problems, surgery for the sake of resembling your favorite porn star is a bit too much for me to appreciate.

When I came across this illustrated book dedicated to a woman’s tender parts, I couldn’t resist blabbing about it on this blog. The image in the upper left corner is from the work of illustrator Christina Camphausen whose work has been published in book form.

As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, this gift choice wouldn’t be traditional but the artwork is quite beautiful.

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