‘Rocket Balm Penis Rub’ Weekend Links

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The weekend is here, and along with it, some links that I thought relevant, interesting and a little weird.

  • Have you ever been sent those goofy Simpsons porn images and thought, ‘how lame/strange/freaky?’ They were so two years ago, right? Well cartoon porn hasn’t gone so well downunder.
  • Porn and relationship: what is reasonable? You be the judge.
  • There’s a lot to be said about the controversial phrase, “all men are rapists.” I believe it’s a terrible statement and here is an excellent post that explores the reasons why such blanket statements are unproductive.
  • Have you ever done a weird thing to your vagina? Read about the six weirdest things women do to their vaginas.
  • If you’re in New York next month, particularly over the first week, make sure you visit CineKink NYC, the film festival for kinksters.

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Image: Helenaa75

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