‘10 Orgasmic Vocal Performances’ – Weekend Links

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Ready for the weekend? Here are some interesting pages I’ve come across during my…uneventful…Valentine’s Day.

  • Spinner explores 10 orgasmic performances, that include ‘Jungle Fever’, that “consists only of moans, sexy Spanish utterances and orgasms — and really, really convincing ones at that.”
  • A self-described erotic hypnotherapist insists that mind control is a myth.
  • Each time I think of Japanese erotica, I think ‘weird’, usually followed by ‘weird’ and ‘high school infatuations’. It seems as though Japanese erotica is 99.9% geared toward older men with barely legal fantasies. Read about the delayed (and weird) computer game – with the weird name – Cross Days here.
  • If John Mayer didn’t think there would be an aftermath to his stupid comments, other than the fact that Jennifer Aniston actually dated him and slept with him (prompting questions of her own intellect), he should have thought again. Salon explores the issue of ‘dating and race’, even quoting some soft cock sociologist who uses the term ‘racialized’ as an alternative to racist. It’s no surprise that he’s from same state George W Bush is from. Someone should tell columnists that the validity of ‘race’ is questionable at best so they stop feeding the myth. Skin color is just gene expression; same human being underneath, same DNA.
  • Backtracking to Valentine’s Day, check out these vintage Valentine’s Day messages here and check out other older introduction adverts.
  • An interesting film is in the works. Any film based on Richard Matheson’s fiction (I Am Legend, What Dreams May Come) is interesting. His story Earthbound is described an “erotic ghost story” about a married man who starts an affair with a young stranger, only to realize that she may actually be the ghost of a long-dead woman driven by something more than earthly passion.” Interesting huh?

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