Bankers Like Bikini Babes Too

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A friend emailed me a link to the below picture incident. This image definitely had me thinking about the global financial crisis and whether such a crisis was necessary.  Take a close look at the monitor on the top left part of the image. Is NSFW content good for the financial sector? Does it distract financial advisers and bankers from the job at hand? I’m guessing that the employee in the image below will have lost his job for (allegedly) gawking at Victoria’s Secret model and -it seems-perennial bikini girl, Miranda Kerr on his computer monitor.

I wouldn’t classify a naked woman on a computer as porn but for many workplaces, the image falls under the blurry category of ‘innappropriate content.’ Most workplaces dismiss employees immediately over this sort of thing. The bank in question, Macquarie, commented:

“Macquarie takes matters such as the unacceptable use of technology extremely seriously,” it said. “Macquarie has strict policies in place surrounding the use of technology and the issue arising from today’s live cross on 7 News is being dealt with internally.” [source]

When huge corporations say that the ‘issue arising’ is being dealt with ‘internally’ (How else are you going to deal with it? Take a full page advert in a major newspaper?) it usually means that the guilty party may as well start looking for work.

I don’t want to be a party pooper or a negative Nellie, but when these situations arise, my sympathy ebbs. This dude works at a major bank. I’m guessing he owns, like 99.5% of the population, a cell phone, something like an iPhone or any other internet enabled phone. What stopped him from accessing his email via his cell phone? He wasn’t too smart was he?

And that alone justifies his dismissal in my opinion. Would you trust someone so dumb to look after your financial investments?

I wouldn’t.

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