If sex could be a car…

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It would be this Bentley below. It’s all right to fantasize. At London’s Royal College of the Arts, students have gone all out to design an aerodynamic Bentley. The curves are astounding and, believe it or not, mouth watering to behold. The design was part of a competition organized by the car manufacturer. The project is also known as the Aero-Ace project, and you have to admit, the designs are quite fetching.

The four design finalists are: Bora Kim (South Korea), Marten Wallgren (Sweden), David Seesing (Germany) and Mikka Heikkinen. All the designers are under the age of 30, which makes it all even more impressive. Each designer added their own speciality to their car.

Kim’s car enables the driver to select their engine choice. Wallgren created a futuristic version of the Bentley Continental GT. Seesing focused on aerodynamics. Heikkinen created a high performance car.

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