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When I think of perfect gadgets of the past decade,  sex toys aren’t the first thing to enter my mind. For me, there is one gadget that reduces the white noise that is daily stress, that is normally found in most public places and transport and I’m not talking about the wretched cell phone that people incessantly use to text and tweet. Incidentally, I suspect Twitter is an SMS substitute: Have no friends to text? Tweeting is the next best thing. Who’d know that you’re tweeting the details of your shitty morning to a bunch of strangers?

Okay, my current favorite gadget is, yes, made my Apple. It’s my iPod. It works to block out all the loud cell phone addicts who think that everyone wants to listen to their work woes on the bus.  The iPod can be docked into an alarm clock. You can use your iPod to gyrate with orgasmic bliss through music driven vibrators like the Ohmibod. In fact, maybe the iPod, led to iPod compliant gadgets however I do believe that the ideal feminine gadget is years away.

Consider the fact that we still have to purchase additional items. Why can’t the iPod also work as an alarm clock? I’m not sure if the gigantor version of the iPod, the iPad, can do that, but something has to be said for the fact that all-in-one gadgets are few and far between. Currently, I’m trying to keep my gadgets to a minimum but I’m afraid I’m fighting a losing battle.

Gadgets are usually constructed with ergonomics in mind. Most are visually streamlined to take advantage of our appreciation of curvatures and smooth textures. How orgasmic is the first caress of cool aluminum casing?  I have internal orgasmic fits each time I enter the Apple store. Take the common phrase, ‘So many men, so little time,’ and replace the men with Apple gadgets. A small part of me would happily replace some varieties of men with Apple gadgets.

There are no ideal gadgets, but if you could construct the ideal female gadget, what would you do?

I’d have a gadget that could warm my bed in winter, soothe my clit into orgasmic submission, give me a hug on a craptastic day, read preprogrammed erotic stories in a variety of hot male celebrity voices and work as a taser to zap that blind-date douchebag that my mother thought ‘perfect’ for me.

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  1. Fun Factory says:

    Just bought a vibrator to my Ipod that vibrats to the music and i love it!

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