Is Sex Like a Handbag?

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The sexual thought for today came to me, not like some psychic flash, but as a recent shopping expedition with a friend of mine. She was eyeing a few things she should not have been eyeing, and I shouldn’t use the word should because it’s nonsensical. We use the word should out of a sense of habit more than anything else. Anyway, we were shopping, came across a few exclusive labels, as you do in the finer or more ‘exclusive’ department stores, and it got me thinking.

Sex is viewed in different ways. Everyone has their own interpretation or definition of what it is or what it is about, but what about personal mottos. Can certain popular mottos be consistently applied to sex?

For myself, I believe and (try to) follow the idea/motto of sex being similar to luxury. Luxury – like the type that manifest in some of the products my friend eyed in the department store – is about quality, not quantity. You pay less for a polyester blend sweater and (so much) more for a cashmere version. Thus sex – for me at least -is about quality than quantity. I only say that because I had a short relationship with a sexual klutz for the first five or eight months of my adult sexual life.

Of course, the only other oddity that I need to resolve is the fact that sex is easier to obtain (for 90% of the female population) than a Birkin.

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