Hitler’s Nude Men

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There is no way on earth I’d sympathise with Hitler, namely his early life and his rejection from art schools based on the view of him being a mediocre talent but I do think that rejection, for certain people, plays a huge role in how they view the world around them. Hitler was rejected from The Academy of Fine Arts and although his future wasn’t a positive development for the rest of the world, it’s strange to know that he had a different first preference for his life. Still, it’s difficult to imagine Hitler as an artist.

But his works, or the irony of ‘dead’ artists and potential artists selling has little to do with talent, but Hitler’s male nudes do raise eyebrows. Then again Hitler’s sex life is intriguing. For myself, personally, I find the idea that he had a relationship with Eva Braun weird. Then again he was a bit of a perv,with rumours of having a sexual relationship with an immediate female relative. Anyway, these drawings are are pencil drawings of nude men… Makes you wonder about his preference for tall nordic looking men as ‘ideals’.

The drawings, along with a few others, are expected to be auctioned for a few thousand Euro. Potential buyers would probably factor in the historical aspect of the drawings, but as for artistry or artistic merit? When these are viewed with the remainder of his work, it’s easy to see why he was rejected from The Academy of Fine Art. Of the drawings being auctioned, these two drawings are probably the better two. That’s not to say that contemporary artists draw any better. Most don’t, so there must be some bias in selection for fine art colleges. During Hitler’s time, financial and social background was an important factor and his rejection probably fueled his intense backlash.

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