ASL Part 13

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I swallowed and steadied myself. “L-Let me eat you. That message.” Even saying it in a whisper was enough to churn more sticky juices from my pussy.

“Well?” he asked.

“Well?” Responding to the question with a question surely indicates my predicament – I want some action.

“Do you have to be home early?”

I shook my head. At that moment, as the wine pleasantly soothed doubt, I had no curfew. I had told Paul about a work related farewell function. He had no interest in my work let alone my work relationships.

“I’m a little old for curfews,” I swallowed more wine and licked my lips.

“It’s good to hear.” He gulped the contents of his glass. “So you’re not up for dessert?”

“It depends.”

“I’m not referring to the calorific variety on the menu,” he winked, signaling the waiter for the bill.

“It wasn’t the kind I had in mind.”

My boldness had no relation to the little alcohol I had. Despite the small amount, my knees practically buckled as I walked out of the restaurant with Tom. Although my pulse increased, my throat dried a little as did my lips. I mentally recited the contents of my bag. Yes, I did pack condoms. I hadn’t forgotten my perfume. I had also packed a toothbrush.

Outside, the air fanned my cheeks, heightening the contrast between my warmed flesh and the night. I followed Tom to his car, expecting his traditional approach. A short distance away from his car, he unlocked the doors at the press of a button and I stepped toward the passenger side to be sandwiched between his rather solid body and the car. His hand snaked around my waist and he pulled me close. I had no time to protest, nor did I desire to flinch and act out a virginal role. After all, I had signaled my sexual interest but surprise kisses tended to catch me off guard.

Tom pressed himself against me and I automatically opened my lips. I felt the bulge in his pants and held on to the lapels of his tailored jacket. It felt good to be wanted. His urgent kiss extracted my very breath and his tongue elicited my moans.

The distant sound of heels against the pavement pulled me out of the delicious moment.

“W-We had better get in the car,” I said and stepped to the side.

“Sure,” he held out the door and gestured for me to sit.

Seated, I watched him walk to the other side. His face didn’t betray his arousal or need. He opened his door, sat and briefly rested his hands over the steering wheel before he turned his head. I noted the rise and fall of his chest. He took deep breaths as he raised the hem of my dress.

“Slide down and spread your legs.”

With my breath lodged in my throat, I complied and relished the sensation of his three fingers rubbing my damp mound over my panties.

“It feels good. You like it.”

I nodded, feeling his finger slide beneath my panties and straight into my vagina. “W-Wha…”

“Shh,” he whispered and continued moving his hand as he fingered me.

I could only watch his hand as it moved between my legs. Knowing that he had already breached my inner zone, I dropped my bag and leaned my head against the headrest. The deeper he fingered, the more I clenched my pelvic floor muscles. The car wasn’t my perfect spot for sexual fun but no sooner had the thought dawned that Tom finished, raised his finger to his lips and licked it clean.

“Let’s get out of here and go somewhere where I can fulfill my promise and lick your pussy.”

(2 B Cont’d)

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