Rammstein | S & M | Love

Some may think that Rammstein’s latest album is controversial for two reasons: its artwork and the first single, Pussy. There is no doubt about it. Rammstein have done what most musicians avoid: create and star in a porno film clip. The latest controversy involves S & M.

While title of the album may be considered ironic (Liebe ist Fuer Alle Da or  Love is For All), the German government is unimpressed and has banned its display. According to Reuters:

Officials were offended by the track “Ich tue Dir Weh” (”I Want to Hurt You”), which includes such lines as “Bites, kicks, heavy blows, nails, pincers, blunt saws – Tell me what you want,” as well as artwork showing guitarist Richard Kruspe with a masked, naked woman on his knees.

Of course I couldn’t ignore the image. Here it is:

rammstein cover

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One Response to “Rammstein | S & M | Love”

  1. Dacey says:

    It’s a frightful CD cover but it intrigues at the same time. I don’t know what goes through their minds to come up with this idea, but they know how to get attention and that is what counts for bands these days.

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