Mile High Boob Jobs…

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Finnish airline Finnair is offering flyer miles for boob jobs. You have read correctly. But there is a catch. To benefit from the miles, flyers need to make 404 Finnair flights between Helsinki and Hong Kong. The offer isn’t limited to breast enlargements, which require 3,180,000 flyer miles. 4,640,000 miles are required for a facelift.

Breast implants, hair replacement surgery or a face-lift performed by the Nordstroem Hospital in Helsinki are among the newest offerings in the carrier’s Finnair Plus loyalty service, according to the program’s Web site.

“Finnair contacted the hospital,” Mikko Tuomainen, the airline’s director of loyalty programs, said in a telephone interview. “The idea was to incorporate partners and services from all walks of life.” (Bloomberg)

Naturally, the surgery will take place in a hospital and NOT within the airplane but the phrase Mile High sounds so naughty doesn’t it?

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  1. [...] is allowing passengers to trade frequent flyer miles for boob jobs and face lifts. Of course, you have to have several million miles to even hope to get your surgery [...]

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