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It’s mid-week, time for the mid-week hump. I’m currenlty reorganizing my paperwork and even considering a new laptop – as I’ve owned my current for almost five years. This week’s pleasant distractions include:

  • A tale of virtual reality sex that goes awry titled Sensationz. The title is a brief hint at the techno sensations accompanying virtual reality sex.
  • Stars like Madonna are synonymous with sex, which is fair enough, but the idea of sexiness they portray is often through additional (and extensive) help from imaging software like Photoshop. So if you have bad days, consider  Madonna and the lie that has been played out across the globe through her recent fashion campaigns. Whose fault is it? The fashion companies, Madonna herself (on some level, I think so) or the photographers?

  • Humor from Toy With Me this week highlights Valentine’s Day. If you’ve ever experienced a so-so Valentine’s Day and thought, ‘Valentine’s Day Can Suck It,’ then read the Valentine’s Day Can Suck It post.
  • If you thought that all the sex bot talk is over, think again. There is more on the sex robot.
  • I haven’t rushed out to read the Twilight saga for various reasons, first among them being that I’m not into the ’sparkling’ beautiful vampire modern myth created by American publishers to appeal to female teenagers, when vampires are more closely related to serial killers in modern culture and I don’t like the idea of female submission (and potential suicide over a man) being promoted as a good thing in teenagers when the economies of this world are all fucked up and require women, just as men, to carve out identities and careers; you have to have mettle to be independent and survive in this world. Besides, co-dependent relationships aren’t good in the long run, besides, if you were a 100 year old vampire with so many experiences and, I’m supposing, confidence, why would you be interested in an emo teenager in the form of Bella -Lip Biter – Swann?  One thing I do agree with is that Twilight isn’t porn. And the only reason I know that is because some of my friends are filled with the same anticipation that they were filled with as teenagers reading Mills and Boon romance novels. Read why Twilight isn’t porn, here.
  • Enjoy the Twilight parody below:

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