(Almost) Topless Anna Torv & Esquire

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I thought I’d add ‘almost’ because there is nothing more annoying than blogs having over-the-top sexy headlines, like ‘hot acrobatic sex’, for readers to click through links to land on a short paragraph of unrelated rubbish, like their opinion on nude bungee jumping, with an image of a geriatric nudist, that has no relation to the saucy title, for them to further direct you to some boring newspaper headline.

Those who have watched Fringe will agree that it’s a little far out, perhaps a combination of most past sci-fi drama shows of the past (Twilight Zone + Outer Limits + X Files, etc, etc),  as the show features similar elements (weird creatures, dimensions, even an evil corporation in the form of Massive Dynamic -which could very well be a snide aside to a monstrous bowel movement) and similar (unoriginal) story lines. The actors of Fringe actually make the show. I only watch it for Torv, Joshua Jackson and, who can forget, John Noble who plays a fabulous mad/genius scientist. Despite the fact that some of my friends have nicknamed this show ‘Minge’, I find it watchable for the fact that The X Files is more noted for its atrocious acting. Fox Mulder was wooden and Dana Scully was cold, fake and so annoying that I’d pretend she didn’t exist. David Duchovy and Gillian Anderson are the same characters in everything that they play.

Anyway, my point is that Fringe doesn’t require sexy shots of its lead actress to promote the quality of its thespians, but if the images are nice, then what does it matter?

The below images feature Fringe lead Anna Torv. They were taken for Esqure and they got me thinking: why hadn’t they thought of something like this during season one?

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