Why Do Men Cheat & Ambien Sex – Links

  • Tiger Woods won’t be the first or last man to commit the ‘Biblical’ sin of adultery. As usual, the usual headlines that do follow celebrity scandals, take the form of questions or articles that try to examine the phenomenon of adultery. AZ Central asks why men cheat and proposes a few reasons.
  • It’s definitely been the week of cringe-worthy confessions and I often wonder why mistress confessions are like this. Every time confessions come out of the closet I feel like I’m in a grocery store and stumble across an exhibitionist who offers me a view -without my consent. Do we really want to know that, yes, a certain world class golfer had ‘Ambien sex’ with his mistress? But it does raise the question: What is Ambien sex? That’s the thing with sex. It always changes. I remember my ignorance over tea bagging and snowballing (a fancy way of saying ‘cum-swapping’). The urban dictionary has a interesting definition of Ambien sex. It certainly sounds more exciting than UK chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay’s amyl nitrate sex.
  • Personally I don’t mind having sex dreams or the sensation of orgasming in my sleep but sexsomniac Belle Floor becomes a sex addict – while she is asleep.
  • Bild is celebrating the most ’stunning and outrageous’ cleavages of 2009
  • Read about Hugh Hefner’s six volume biography and check out some of the accompanying images.
  • From the world of adult entertainment and pop: Tila Tequila is pissed off with Rihanna. In her blog update, Tila isn’t impressed with Rihanna allegedly trash talking her, to the point where she is so miffed that she titled her journal page ‘Rihanna has Herpes.’ Nothing like the post feminist world and female solidarity, huh?
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