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This week has been a Tiger Woods celebrity media week, with stories that ranged from telephone text messages to full blown allegations of unsafe sex with a variety of women.  It’s been difficult to find sex related links that don’t involve the everyday phenomenon that is the celebrity sex scandal, the concept and social role of the mistress and the sexual accessory that seems to be essential for most squillionaires: the ‘former’ porn actress. A theme begins to emerge in my seedy head: a dirty gift basket.

So Christmas is almost here, gifts are usually the norm (even if Christmas isn’t celebrated). What gifts are available to nurture those dirty sexy pretty fantasies? These are my top three:

  • If you have cash to burn and aren’t afflicted with many financial woes, there’s a place to splurge on sex toys. Lelo has a variety of luxe sex toys that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. There are pretty clitoral massages (Lelo Nea) to shapely dildoes and more.
  • Adult film rentals couldn’t be easier with Sugar DVD. You can rent and there are never any late fees. This is a gift that can be fulfilled online or via post. The choice is yours. The only drawback is that some titles may not be available to purchase outright.
  • Then there are the sweet edible delights. Personally, after last year’s Ann Summers scare, I wouldn’t purchase edible novelties from sex stores unless the products are certified by a federal authority. Besides, if you want a chocolate body spread, you can make it at home with trusted ingredients from your regular grocer. Here’s a recipe I found online. Stick to your usual outlets for food.  Godiva has a pretty range of Christmas gift baskets that range from $45.00 to $150.00.

Visit here on Monday for a hot sex toy erotic tale titled, The Pleasure Chest.

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