Whacky Japanese Sex Culture? – Midweek Links

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The week is almost up, but not without my mid-week hump links or the mid-week fun I have surfing the web to make Mr Know-It fade from my consciousness, but this  mid-week theme was all about learning a few new things:

  • What is it with the Japanese? I don’t ask that, but you can read something along the lines of this question here, especially in regard to crap relationships and toilets.

“the idea of  the toilet having the power to help rid  people of  shitty relationships (get it?  Toilet? Shitty?  Hi-five!) is based on the Japanese spiritual premise that the gods are present in everything – and that includes the potty.  Kawaya no Kami is the toilet deity or the porcelain god the Japanese pray to to heal illnesses and help in childbirth, so I guess this ritual makes sense. The Japanese must give birth to a lot of Aqua Tots.  (That’s what those in the biz call babies who are born in the toilet.)” [Toy With Me]

  • Then there is the issue of misreporting, and this issue relates to the media hoopla over the game Rapelay just to get – ratings and attention and it’s a terrible way to go about it – creating sexual anxiety and attempting to start some sort of moral panic.

Turns out the act of journalism perpetrated by CNN wasn’t *only* talking about a very old, sensationalistic story that had zero to no newsworthiness and treated viewers like bumpkins who never had internet access. The news item came across as a tidy character assassination on hentai manga, and Japanese sex culture. Then they followed up with an explanation about why the Japanese are scary perverts. The “reporter” is Asian, so CNN is ostensibly safeguarded against the presumption of racial xenophobia. Today a manga creator furiously responded in one of the most reasonable explanations of hentai manga I’ve ever read — most especially about these very sexual extremes which are trafficked in Japanese porn, and make us Americans the most uncomfortable. [Open Source Sex - Violet Blue]

  • I can’t end this week’s mid-week links without having a dig at an area within my own area – evolutionary psychology. No, I’m not in this specific area, I focus on another area in psychology, and tend to associate evolutionary psychology with graduates who have difficulty with statistics but who still want to be called scientists, so go about ‘extrapolating’ from things that present no conclusive facts, a lot like the bingo poster in the link. Also, it tends to be an area dominated by males who tend to maintain the gender divide and sex roles without any proof – who create sexual theories from thin air, and cannot research their hypotheses in an empirical manner.
  • Whispers of white supremacism have haunted Sandra Bullock’s husband,namely due to his shenanigans with an alleged white supremacist, but now there is talk of a sex tape – one that claims that Sandra Bullock is in a Nazi themed sex tape. I’m thinking that there are more things that’ll come about about this marriage, and I think that Sandra Bullock’s image as America’s sweetheart will be dented a little.
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