‘I F*ck on the First Date’ – Weekend Links

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  • Dating rules, the type seen on many romcoms are tedious, which is why sex on the first date should be included (It would make some of these films more exciting to watch)
  • Can kinky latex be more weird?
  • Looking for a comprehensive article on adding some BDSM fun into your life. Read this.
  • Want to experience the chat ride of your life, confront all possibilities – like a friend of mine who recently used Chat Roulette, to be randomly paired off with a guy wearing a leopard print head-to-toe catsuit? Luckily you can click off, but imagine how -in this era-more people are being rejected by people they haven’t even met! Watch out though, this site may be down due to its incredible, near overnight, popularity.
  • Feel free to add to this comprehensive list of sex and the internet.
  • I normally don’t spend that much time wishing I wasn’t a guy, but buying that perfectly fitting condom does make me glad that I’m not a guy. I haven’t really considered how the experience of buying condoms (as a guy) would be but if its similar to trying on a multitude of brassieres, in the hope of finding one that feels like a second skin, then I get it.
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