Michelle the Nazi Mistress

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My personal definition of a female bombshell doesn’t extend to the tattooed femme fatale/mistress (casual screw?) of Sandra Bullock’s husband. Affairs are terrible things in themselves, signifying betrayal, usually a sleigh of lies and there is no real justification if you have an agreement within a relationship.

So, it wasn’t difficult for me to add Michelle Bombshell to the ‘dirty’ category in my head, and I’m talking about dirty in the bad sense of the word. I mean, how else does one explain eager Nazi-themed shots? I mean, gee whiz, this is one time I don’t wish to be a celebrity. Sandra Bullock must be reeling. It’s terrible enough for the above monstrosity to be the accused mistress, but it’s even worse when they eagerly participate in Nazi themed shots and are alleged to be white supremacists.

A part of me thinks ‘Eek!’ but another part of me is unfazed by this development. I have friends who have  been shocked by their spouse’s choices of paramour, after catching them in the act, after the act and so on. The chosen mistress is almost always the opposite of the spouse and in some cases doesn’t even reflect the values of the errant partner/spouse. But in this case, perhaps Sandra Bullock should reevaluate her husband’s character and move beyond the ‘rough and tough’ boy tatts as they can’t hide his alleged pussy act.

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