‘Erotic Capital’ – Weekend Links

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Thought I’d start the weekend with a light read:

  • Hooters in China? Who would have thought that this tacky chain would have made it there. Doesn’t China have quality control? What’s funny, well corporate-typical, is the way girl’s names are changed to reflect the generic American stereotype.
  • What the fuck is ‘erotic capital?’ When I clicked on this, I expected yet another marketing article promoting some far flung US state or something, but no, erotic capital is a concept that has riled Jezebel, which is justified because it generalizes women into dolls and fuck toys, but some days when I pass undergrads on campus, I’m surprised by the amount of flesh they’re displaying and how, for example, many of them rely on their hair flicks and looks to get them by. That and I’ll never forget the Paris wannabe in my undergrad years who’d wear the shortest mini or hotpants or (in winter) the tightest pants, to get male attention. But on the whole, I’d disagree with the general concept of erotic capital. Perhaps columnist, Catherine Hakim, who coined the term is considering selling her lame idea as  potential book deal. It won’t be a first. When the British think of erotic capital, they think of ‘birds’ like Jordan but they don’t realise that no one outside of Britain finds Kate Price erotic, let alone interesting. But this idiotic piece isn’t surprising to me. Hakim is a sociologist! So it’s quite typical for them to make generalizations based on their own middle-class liberal bias.
  • I don’t know if I can deal with nude yoga. Yes, you read right. Nude Yoga. Okay, this link is probably for men into other men, but the idea of nude yoga is something that may work for me on a private, at home level, but the communal idea…um…maybe if I looked like an elite athlete.
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