Heidi Montag aka Miss Cosmetica

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Heidi Montag, of The Hills fame, is a poster girl of cosmetic surgery. What makes it all the more mind boggling is that she is under 30 years old, not a senior citizen/actress.Whether for vanity, insecurity or both, I can get cosmetic surgery at a later age or after childbirth or even after a huge weight loss, but Heidi Montag had no issues, so it brings to mind the subject of body dismorphia. I wouldn’t say that she looks better or worse, she just looks different. Actually, in the after image, her face resembles Jessica Simpson. Now whether that’s a good or bad different is open to question and it would depend on how she fares post operatively. I’ve had friends undergo more than one surgery, usually to fix something that went wrong. One of the major risk factors isn’t being cut into, but under general anesthesia (depending on the operation).

Yes, this post is going to have to be categorized as ‘bizarre’, I’m afraid.

Image: People Magazine

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