Tiger’s Beyond the Grave Nike Ad

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I don’t know what the ad appeal is with Tiger Woods. After the entire scandal, text messages included and especially after his unsafe sex with a variety of women, I can’t say that I find him admirable but he has definitely established a trend that other errant celebrity husbands are following (such as Sandra Bullock’s hubby and his rehab). It seems that the scandal hasn’t fully died for Tiger. His latest advertisement, one that essentially exploits his dead father’s voice hasn’t been viewed with admiration and has been noted for its ‘cringeworthy’ aspect.

Ironically enough, weeks before the scandal broke, when he appeared on television for his latest golf win, I thought -and remarked to a friend -how normal he seemed, for my friend to add the nauseating ‘refreshing’ into the sentence, as in, “He is so refreshing for a highly paid sportsman.” I didn’t tell my friend that I didn’t classify golf as a sport, something that golf aficionados will hate me for, but the irony came in the form of a mother load of a scandal.

What intrigues me though is the absence of his wife at his news conferences, the absence of her wedding rings and the way he acts like he’s really really really sorry, something that I don’t buy. I’m probably a jaded female, with a low trust threshold when it comes to some men, especially the pathologically unfaithful variety, but I think that he’s just sorry he was caught and I don’t mean to say he is an evil dude, but it’s a huge road to rebuild relationships after such a doozie of a scandal. In his recent media appearances, his eyes look like he’s been taken to the cleaners from within. He doesn’t have the same spark. It’s a bitch to be famous and have your dirty laundry hung out for the world to see – especially if it results in the loss of a few sponsorships.

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