Monday, June 21, 2010

LBD by Valentino

If ever there was a mandatory item of clothing for every woman, it is the LBD or the little black dress. The thought of having a regular LBD blog post came to me as I was turfing out some old clothes and realising that I didn't have any decent LBD's. Sure, I can't afford the above variety, but the above dress can offer incentives and ideas for women who are nifty with their sewing machines. There are various dresses, spanning casual to formal wear, but the best kind is that which enables a woman to dress it up or down- a flexible piece of clothing that is cut along classic lines that doesn't date. Such dresses are wonderful for first dates but also work for cocktail hour.
The dress below is more extravagant than usual, and a hefty price. It's by Valentino and is awfully pretty.

Dress via Net-a-Porter


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