New Marilyn Home Video

Some fifty years on, a film reel has surfaced showing a smoke loving Marilyn. The film has been located in an attic and was recently purchased for $275,000 by collector Keya Morgan While Marilyn doesn’t inhale deeply, the cigarette in the film has been confirmed by the film-maker to contain marijuana. While watching the film, you can’t avoid Marilyn’s insanely photogenic face.

From Reuters:

At one point Monroe is passed a cigarette and takes a puff but does not appear to inhale deeply. The person who made the film confirmed that the cigarette contained marijuana, saying: “I got it (the pot). It was mine. It was just passed around.”

“It was not a party. It was just a get-together. You know, come over and hang out,” the person said.

Morgan, a collector of historical photos, manuscripts, autographs and documents, is also working on a documentary on the death of Monroe in August 1962.

He learned of the film during his research and tracked down the owner, who kept it as part of an archive that was moved between various homes over the years. The Monroe film had been stored in an attic for three years before Morgan tracked it down.

The actress appears happy and relaxed at a small gathering of friends that Morgan dates to 1958 or 1959, based on her appearance.

“This is the late ’50s so she is already very famous, but this is a personal side of her we’ve never seen before. People have never seen her in such a relaxed pose,” Morgan said.

Watch the film here.

Note: you have to be patient for the first ad to finish.

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2 Responses to “New Marilyn Home Video”

  1. nico says:

    lovely woman. loved by many men… her sensuality still shines today.

  2. Dee Stern says:

    Totally agree. I can’t believe how pretty she is in this old film reel. She was pretty anyway, but in this casual setting, she is stupendously beautiful and this was before Botox, dermabrasion and the usual cosmetic fillers Hollywood actresses use today.

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