‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik ‘ – Weekend Links

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  • It was the title of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s debut album, but it’s also a title of an article on Sexis about the practice of sex magic in the form of Tantra.
  • Are you interested in a weekly update on sex toys, reviews and general sex toy talk? Then click here and read the latest selection of sex toy reviews on Pleasurists.
  • There’s a lot of man candy here. I’m hoping there are going to be more regular updates.
  • Good Vibes Magazine currently has an erotic fiction contest running until 15 February. If you’re a writer and interested in submitting a story, you have up until then. If you’re interested in reading the current collection of stories, click here.
  • The last few years have seen numerous scandals but beauty scandals have inspired reactions from women around the world. Few can forget the Dove real beauty campaign. Despite such campaigns, celebrities still try to live out their youth through Photoshop, some even using legal leverage to prevent the truth about their airbrushed beauty from being leaked to the public -even when the photograph gaff is obvious to the naked eye. Click here to see the ‘Unattainable Beauty’ gallery, to appreciate the outrageously doctored images of Kate Winslet to Demi Moore. One of my favorite before and after images are those depicting  Madonna (Eek!). There’s nothing sexy about image airbrushing and, quite often, it can confirm underlying racist views. Images of Beyonce are often ‘bleached’ a little, confirming what Naomi Campbell has always said about racism within the fashion and beauty industries.
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